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Independent publishers of simple, practical Australian craft patterns and crochet, knitting and candlewicking books; Paragon crochet, tatting  and knitting publications; all proudly designed and printed in Queensland, Australia.

Craft Moods® craft patterns, crochet, knitting and candlewicking books and Paragon crochet, tatting and knitting books should be available in most craft related retail stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

On this site we also stock a range of crochet patterns plus second hand books.

Craft Moods LogoCraft Moods is a family operated business that has been concentrating on the design, publication and distribution of Australian craft related patterns and crochet/knitting/needlework patterns and books since 1990. 



Patterns and Publications

Paragon LogoParagon crochet, tatting, knitting and craft books have been distributed throughout Australia since the 1930's. Craft Moods took over the copyright and publishing of all Paragon publications in July 1995, and is in the long process of revising and republishing many of the old books that have been out of print for decades.


Paragon Publications

Craft Moods Craft Patterns by Vicki Moodie
These patterns are presented in a resealable A5 size clear plastic envelope containing coloured illustration and requirements list. Full sized patterns, diagrams and easy to follow instructions are also enclosed on large A2 size fold out sheets.

Craft Moods Crochet & Knitting Books by Vicki Moodie
Handy A5 size books with colour front cover illustrations, easy to follow instructions (and diagrams where necessary), and either black and white pictures or colour plates of finished articles including crochet/knitted hand towel tops, tea cosies, doilies, jug covers, baby clothes, premature baby clothes, doll's clothes, rugs and shawls, coat-hanger covers and eyelet lace projects. Candlewicking books (by Anne Green) contain easy to follow illustrated stitch instructions and Australian designs.

Paragon Crochet, Tatting and Knitting Books Revised editions edited by Vicki Moodie
Contain crochet or tatting instructions for a wide variety of projects including doilies, collars, gloves, bedspreads, tablecloths, motifs, edges, etc. or knitting instructions (mostly outfits for dolls, babies and children) with black and white pictures of the finished articles.  Also includes the Heritage Series books which are an unabridged version of the original Paragon series and have been reproduced using the latest laser scanning and digital printing technology.

Other Publications
We publish and distribute a range of candlewicking books for Anne Green.

We also stock a range of Crochet Patterns by Vicki Moodie, plus a range of second hand crochet, knitting and craft books.